Consultation: $30/one-time visit
This consultation visit will allow for an initial meeting to evaluate and explore the spaces you desire to have organized.  During this time (usually about an hour to two hours) we will discuss the areas and what you envision them to be like – with my help as well!  We will discuss whether we are looking to remove clutter, organize, create systems, or ALL OF THE ABOVE!  Our time together will also be spent deciding what organizational materials will be work for the given space.  These materials are your financial responsibility upon my recommendations.  I will be more than happy to do the gathering of materials if you wish, but sometimes the clients much rather get what matched their “style”!  If you are a fairly organized person, but do not know where to start – sometimes a consultation visit can help to gather ideas and recommendations on how to get started!  Time and rates can also be discussed during this consultation time.


Flat Rate: $35/hour

Package Rate: $180/6 hours (split over two sessions)

highly recommended unless you have a very small place to organize.  Most successful results come from at least 3+ hours of fast and efficient working!  This package is great for families ready to relocate or are just getting settled in a new location.  I will help to pack items in an organized fashion – or even unpack your family into your new home…what a way to start out – nice and organized!


*10% off for MILITARY families


Our goal with Graceful Arrangements is that our services will be one and done. While we would love to continue working with you to get the fullness out of an uncluttered life – our hope is to establish the lifestyle you are looking for, teach you to manage that life, and ROCK that organization!


Additional Service Information:

Although I do not offer cleaning services at a charged rate, with client approval, I am more than happy to help clean the areas that we are working on together.  For example, if we are removing items from a shelf and reorganizing before placing them on the shelf – I will be sure to wipe down the shelves before continuing the organizational process!

If you have any questions about the services or rates- please contact me at!


All clients will be asked to complete and sign a client contract to ensure that all services and payment plans have been agreed upon in a mutual manner.

This truly is a team effort journey and I look forward to working with you for a happier, simpler, and less cluttered life!

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